June OKCAC Meeting - Highlights of the April 8th Solar Eclipse!

Now that we know that not everyone was clouded out for this eclipse, I am asking our Astrophotographers of all types to display their images during the June meeting. Why wait until June? To give folks the chance to process their images!
There are several ways we could proceed:

  1. Send your pictures to me or someone else and we will make a Google Slide or Powerpoint to display a few (2-3) of your best photos in alphabetical order (by your name).
  2. Have a Walk-Around (if indoors at SMO is a large Open Space or out-of-doors (weather-permitting).
  3. Do a Combination of #1 AND #2 by doing a presentation in the SMO Auditorium followed by a “Meet-And-Greet” Walk Around.
    Suggestions welcomed! Now VOTE!
    PS Feel free to send comments to my email: eileengr@sbcglobal.net.

Sounds like a fun idea. Any and all experiences, photos, videos, etc are wonderful to share. We all got to share this amazing event, I hope lots of members take a few minutes and at least describe what it was like for them. It’s events like these that bring us closer together in our shared love of Astronomy.

Thanks, Andy!
So which format would you prefer?

I think a projector so everyone can see, and we just take turns going up and sharing our experiences/photos.

Andy - I agree a projector would be great but if all have their own individual flash drives, etc., it may take a lot of time. Would you be willing to send a few of your best to one person to be inserted into a Google Doc or Powerpoint Slide presentation? Or folks could send a GOogle Doc link that we could just open? Not everyone knows how to use Google Slide…

I like the idea of both. A slide show of the best in the auditorium, then maybe some tables for individuals to show more on their computer screen, tablet or TV.

And hold it indoors. Screens are too hard to see outdoors.

And who is to decide the BEST, Mitche? That’s why I suggest putting things in alphabetical order. Once we decide, the only ones in a Google Slide or a Powerpoint presentation will probably have to reach me or whoever volunteers to take submissions by a certain date such as May 25th. The ones not sent by that time could be on screens afterward. My real concern is that few respond via Discourse.

I don’t consider it a contest myself. I just want to enjoy everyone’s images of the eclipse!

If you want a contest, I suggest appointing 3 club members, who didn’t take any images of it, as judges and let them decide. I certainly don’t want to have to pick between the spectacular images I know we’ll see.

I’ve always thought this is a problem with the club, only Patrick can send out an email to all the club members? I don’t like not being able to ask important questions to the entire club via email. I think this deserves an email to all the club members.

I do not want a contest but would prefer to show any submissions.

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