July 12th Meeting!

OKC Astronomy Club Meeting - July 12th, 2024 - Science Museum of Oklahoma - 7 PM

SPEAKER: Larry Beatty
Topic: Attending the OzSky Star Safari – 3 Reasons to Go!

Background information about you and an abstract about your topic. References are welcomed.
Viewing the Skies of the Southern Hemisphere is a unique and beautiful treat! How are they different from the skies of the Northern Hemisphere? How are they similar? Take a moment to think about these questions. From what locations is it best to view the Southern Skies? Several years ago, Larry and several of our long term OKCAC members took a trip to OzSky Star Safari in the “Land Down Under” aka Australia - to experience the beauty of the Southern Hemisphere skies. Larry Beatty is 67 years young and has recently retired after selling my boiler service company in 2020. These days he is devoting more time to his family and hobbies. He enjoys astronomy mainly through imaging with telescopes up to 1 meter, but still enjoys visual observing as well. Larry has been a member of the OKC Astronomy Club since 1970, and held many positions from Vice President to Newsletter Editor. He has enjoyed volunteering for the OkieTex Star Party since its inception and continues to support it today. He is also one of the Founding members of Cheddar Ranch Observatory (CRO) and 4 Domes Observatory on the grounds of CRO.

In our July 12th presentation, Larry will present an overview of the OzSky Star Safari, how to travel to Australia, the people and the skies at the Star Party in the Land Down Under.

How did you get interested in Astronomy? Larry first saw Comet Bennett in the morning sky while fishing with his grandad in 1969/1970. That got Larry hooked on Astronomy! For Christmas he got a Sears 2.4 inch refractor from his parents. He has had “Aperture Fever” ever since culminating in a 1-meter Planewave telescope.

What questions (research or otherwise) are you most interested in? Larry enjoys all questions that arise in Astronomy.

How do you prefer to observe? Up until retirement, his observing has been restricted to star parties during the years while I was working. Now that he has more free time, he is trying to get out and observe more. Right now the easiest way for him to observe is with his scope that is located in southern New Mexico.

Where are your preferred locations for observing? Typically at star parties and remotely in New Mexico. Larry is working on a place in southern Arizona to observe from next year.

What are your favorite things to observe and image? Larry always enjoyed observing and imaging Abell galaxy clusters and groups of galaxies.

What challenges would you make to OKCAC Members - Beginners to Intermediate to Advanced levels? Always push yourself to learn more about the night sky!

N.B. On a personal note, I would like to express my appreciation to Larry for encouraging the students from Norman North High School to participate in OTSP since 2021. If you ask them, the Alumni will now mention participating with pride in OTSP and note that it was one of their top one or two events throughout their High School years. Many of them are now holding down jobs and beginning to parent the next generation of star gazers. Several come out observing with us at Washington Elementary School as their schedules permit. They send their love! Thank you, Larry and the OTSP Staff over the years for your generosity in including our next generation of amateurs.
~ Eileen


I’ll be at the meeting tonight with some Club merchandise. If you are wanting something let me know before 6pm so I can make sure to bring it. I think we will have 2024 calendars there tonight.