In search of the perfect red headlamp…

In search of the perfect red headlamp…

At our recent Members Night, I could not find my red led flashlight. Can you imagine? No spare!

What do you recommend for a red headlamp?

Thankfully, a club member graciously offered to loan me his headlamp. (He had three with him. He must have been a Boy Scout longer than me.)

He told me that it was cheap but he preferred it to his more expensive alternatives. It was a Brinkmann. I looked on Amazon, Aacademy Sports and Dick’s Sporting Goods and it’s no longer sold.

These are the things that I liked about his loaner — in my order of preference:

  1. It was comfortable. I’ve not used one before and after a few minutes, I forgot it was on my head.

  2. It was one button press easy to select solid red light. I don’t want to ruin the dark adaptation of fellow viewers by accidentally turning on white light.

  3. It was adjustable. I could angle the light down to what I was looking for in my case or on the ground.

p.s. This is also a test. I’m posting this in multiple locations to see where you notice it first. Reply to only one post location.

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