In search of the perfect red headlamp…

In search of the perfect red headlamp…

At our recent Members Night, I could not find my red led flashlight. Can you imagine? No spare!

What do you recommend for a red headlamp?

Thankfully, a club member graciously offered to loan me his headlamp. (He had three with him. He must have been a Boy Scout longer than me.)

He told me that it was cheap but he preferred it to his more expensive alternatives. It was a Brinkmann. I looked on Amazon, Aacademy Sports and Dick’s Sporting Goods and it’s no longer sold.

These are the things that I liked about his loaner — in my order of preference:

  1. It was comfortable. I’ve not used one before and after a few minutes, I forgot it was on my head.

  2. It was one button press easy to select solid red light. I don’t want to ruin the dark adaptation of fellow viewers by accidentally turning on white light.

  3. It was adjustable. I could angle the light down to what I was looking for in my case or on the ground.

p.s. This is also a test. I’m posting this in multiple locations to see where you notice it first. Reply to only one post location.

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I didn’t see a reply here, I purchased this one. It meets 2 of the 3 criteria you listed (I cannot figure out how to go straight to the red light) and is inexpensive.

Thanks for the recommendation, Damon @Bulldawg54. I’ll check it out. Is it easy to go straight from off to red light first (if not always)?

Looking at the specs on this light I have 2 concerns for Astronomy use. How bright is the red light? Looks like the white light will be an issue getting turn on all the time before you get the red light to come on. We had some head lamps that had white and red switch. The white light would always get turned on by accident. Solution cut the wire on the white light switch.

The red light seems fairly bright (I think the description lists it at 15 lunens), and as stated in my answer above, I have not been able to go straight to the red light (not that it isn’t possible, I’m not sure, but cutting the white light wire is a good idea if it isn’t).

Here is one on the Orion website, I should have shopped around a bit better for myself as well.

This Orion one looks really cool with the motion on/off and no white light.

Just ordered one to see how well it works.

I have one. The motion sensor is pretty finicky. I rarely use it.

I got my Orion RedBeam Motion Sensing Headlamp in the other day. It looks like it will work great. The main issue on the Motion Sensing part is it only turns on at the 100% level. When I went to Orion to look at the instructions it is no longer on their website. It only pulls up the Meade headlamp that has a white and red light. Not sure if they just discontinued it?