Impromptu Viewing - Monday Feb 5, Bluff Creek

I don’t know if next weekend will be much better than this weekend, but Monday evening is looking clear with low winds. So I’m planning on going to Bluff Creek Park around 6-6:30 that evening.

I’ll probably have all three of my all-in-one EA scopes set up, eVscope 2, Stellina and Seestar, so if you’d like to see them in action, come on out!

If you haven’t been to Bluff Creek for observing, it’s the best location I’ve found in the metro area. Bring your scope and enjoy the evening with us! I’ll probably be there until at least 9-10. Come and leave anytime.

I’ll update this on Monday to confirm if it’s a go/no go.

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Forecast still looks perfect! Temps will be in the mid to low 40s, so dress for it if you come out. It should be a great evening!

What time do you think you will get out tonight? 6 or so still?

Heading out now, but have an errand to run. Still planning on getting there 6-6:30. I set up next to the field, just past the port-potties.

We had a great evening at Bluff Creek! Joel, Dave C, Casey, Andy O and I all enjoyed a really nice night under a clear and calm sky! Casey brought out his 6" Dob and Andy brought his new eVscope 2. Dave helped Andy get used to using the eV2 and Joel enjoyed sitting under the stars gazing up. I got 4 science observations completed which I’m now uploading to SETI.

Thanks for setting this up, Mitche. I had a great time talking to you guys and of course looking at the sky. It’s a good spot.

Thanks for getting everyone together Mitch. Enjoyed the evening.