Impromptu Viewing! Bluff Creek, Tonight Feb 12

I announced this at the meeting, posted it on Discord, and thought I’d posted it here, but obviously not.

The previous forecasts for tonight were excellent, but the current forecast is calling for a few clouds at sunset, increasing later in the evening.

But I’m still going to go to Bluff Creek Park, N Meridian and Hefner Road, just north of Hefner Dam, between 6-6:30 this evening. Probably won’t stay later than 9 or so (we often go to eat afterward at Waffle House or IHOP).

I’ll have all my EA scopes with me. Any and all are welcome to join! Dress warm! The wind should be calm and hopefully it will be clear enough for some great viewing! The next two night are predicted to be clear, but the wind will be stronger.

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Good luck! I will not be around this evening

I was hoping to make it out to the next Bluff Creek hang-out, but I went and got sick and missed this and the month’s club meeting! Dang nabbit.

Just wanted to voice my interest for future impromptu viewings. I hope you end up with clear skies and calm winds tonight.

Only one wispy cloud, and that may be gone now. Looks like it will be a great evening!


Clouds occluded viewing to the north most of the evening. Wispy clouds affected views across the skies. Wasn’t a bad night, but also not the best to be viewing.

I got 3 science observations of comets 12P and 144P. EVs of those below. 144P was off center; is in the lower right of the image. Unistellar has really improved its planetary viewing! See the shot of Jupiter below.

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