Impromptu Viewing at Windsurfer!

The forecast is suddenly for clear and calm tonight, so a few of us are heading for Windsurfer this evening for some viewing. I’m planing on getting there shortly before sunset, about 2030 (8:30pm for am/pm folks :wink: ). All are welcome!

Was worried, as it was overcast when I left my house this evening. But it had cleared significantly by the time I got there. Shortly after sunset it cleared up completely and it was wonderful the rest of the evening! Dave, Rachel, Hannah and I were there, enjoying a perfect evening.

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Very nice! Any images?

With eV2 got M101 and the Supernova SN2023ixf again. Uploaded data to SETI. Plus got data for comet C/2023 A3 (Tsuchinshan–ATLAS). Uploaded data, but couldn’t see it live view even with autostacking for 10 min.

Got M65 and M66 with Stellina. Not super pleased with how they came out. Might have to try post processing again to try to get the noise out.

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Thank you for sharing :+1::grin: nice pics, I’ll be interested in the results of the comet.

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