Impromptu Viewing at Bluff Creek - Tue 5 Dec

Both Monday and Tuesday evenings look good for viewing, but Tuesday has less wind forecast, so I’m going to head to Bluff Creek Tuesday, at about 7pm. Assuming the forecasts hold.

All are welcome to join me! I’ll be running citizen science missions on my eV2, hopefully get some more Messier objects with my Stellina, and will still be exploring what I can get with my Seestar. Rachel just got a great image of Jupiter with hers, so I’m going to see if I can get one as good.

Saturn should also be up until just before midnight, so I’ll see what I can get there, too.

The moon won’t be up until after midnight, so should be great viewing!

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I am hoping to be back in the area by then and may join you!

Hi Mitche, can you send the location where you’ll be at Bluff creek pack just north of lake Hefner?

It’s not far from Windsurfer; just north of the dam. Just continue down Hefner Road to the west until you get to N Meridian. Turn right at the light, then left to enter the park. Stay to the right all the way to the outhouses. I set up just past the outhouses. I park next to the field, not in the parking lot. Here’s a map. I’ll be where the red pin is.

Thanks for the directions. I might be out tomorrow evening for a bit.

Great! It’s always fun when several of us get together! Bluff Creek is a great place to observe without leaving the city.

Well we had a fund raiser at Chic-fil-A for granddaughter’s school so by the time I would be out there I probably would not have much time. Next time.

No worries. Andy Overmon came out and I showed him how to operate his new eVscope 2 that just arrived yesterday. Great evening and great viewing!

Got images of Andromeda and the Orion Nebula while demonstrating to him how to operate it. Fantastic evening for viewing! Home now.


Wonderful images Mitche.