Impromptu Viewing at Bluff Creek Tonight! 6 Nov 23

The weather looks absolutely perfect tonight! I’ll be heading to Bluff Creek at sunset. I’ll probably be there till after midnight.

Anyone is welcome to join me! I’ll have my EA scopes with me; eVscope 2, Stellina, and Seestar. If anyone wants to see them in action, tonight’s the night! I’ll be doing Citizen Science with the eV2, trying to capture more Messier objects with my Stellina, and will be experimenting with the Seestar. Still learning how to use the more advanced features.

As you go into the park, off Meridian just north of Hefner Drive, turn right at the stop sign and just keep going. I park beside the field just past the portapoties. If you’re setting up scopes, park by the field. If not, I recommend parking in the lot a few feet to the west. Please park with your headlights pointed away from the field. Don’t worry about about driving by with lights on, it happens a fair amount with other folks driving through.

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If you don’t join me, get out somewhere! It’s perfect out tonight!

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Had a great evening! Got 9 Citizen Science missions completed, on 2 comets, 1 near earth asteroid, and 1 supernova with my eVscope 2. With my Stellina I managed to add 4 Messier objects to my collection. With the Seestar I experimented with different features, learning some of the more advanced parts of the software.

I kept imaging until I ran out of power on two of the scopes, which happened around midnight. Got 6 hours out of each of them. The eV2 was a bit under half. It clearly has the best battery of the bunch!

All in all, a very nice evening! I’m glad I went out. I doubt I’ll have another night this warm until late spring.


Among other things I got a shot of the comet 12P Pons-Brooks, and NGC 7538.


Love those images. O hope you are wrong about the weather, I’d like to see a few more good nights! I wish I could have joined you.

Beautiful images Mitche.