Impromptu Viewing at Bluff Creek Park - 14 Nov

I’m heading out for another “impromptu” viewing night at Bluff Creek Park tomorrow evening, 14 Nov. I’m planning on getting there about 1900. (7 pm for those still using 12 hour time :grin:). Suspect I’ll be there until midnight or so.

Anyone is welcome to join me. I set up on the field near the porta-potties. I’ll have all three of my all-in-one EA scopes there; eVscope 2, Stellina, and the Seestar S50. It will be a good opportunity to see them in action if you’re thinking of getting one of them.

The weather is supposed to be clear, mild winds 5-8mph, and temps in the mid 50s.

If it’s clear I’ll probably set my scope back up in the backyard and start on a new project. I just finished a pretty big one, and I can now rotate my camera. But have fun at bluff creek :+1:

Do you have anyone committed to join you yet tonight?

I will…

But I was thinking about soon trying out Arbor Gardens Park (that you’ve recently mentioned as a possible, periodic southside location) in Moore tonight (less than 1 mile west of S I-35 east of the primary intersection cross-streets SW 164th & S Santa Fe - for those navigating from OKC)

Yes, at least one more is going to join me. Otherwise I’d switch to Arbor Gardens. Next Impromptu night will be there.

Started out with a few wispy clouds, but cleared up and was a great evening! Clear, winds not too strong and not all that cold.

Got a lot of science missions done and got several images, along with another Messier object with my Stellina. Most of the ones I’m missing are on or below the horizon right now.

Still playing around with the Seestar and the more I use it, the more impressed I am with it! Here’s the Helix Nebula (aka NGC 7293 or Caldwell 63 ).