Impromptu Outing at Bluff Creek Park Tonight!

Hey all! My plans for tonight just got cancelled, so I’m headed for Bluff Creek Park at sunset this evening, Thursday, 5 Oct.

All are welcome to join me! I set up on the big field near the porta-potties.

The forecast for tonight is clear and a lot less wind than tomorrow evening. Or Saturday at CRO for that matter. I’m still going to both of those, btw.

There’s a new supernova the SETI scientists are urging us to capture. Hopefull I’ll be able to get all three evenings.

It’s crystal clear and perfect out. I’m up and running in my backyard and Jaxon is also up and running at his house.

It’s near perfect conditions at Bluff Creek! Just captured two hours of supernova V844 Her (CV) for SETI. Finishing up M73 on my other scope, then going to head in. It’s so nice I’d stay, but gotta get up early tomorrow.


Just got my Seestar today and am heading to Bluff Creek Park about 1830 to try it out! Forecast looks great, though you should dress warmly if you decide to come out. It will get very chilly. Fall in Oklahoma is here.

If you’ve been thinking of getting one, com’on out and take a look at it!

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