Image of Sun Spot 3474

Full Resolution Image Here

Colin K. (our planetarium intern) and I decided to snap a photo of an incredible sun spot in the museum gardens today while we wait for our new Lunt 130mm Universal OTA to come in the mail. Next week, we are going to try again in Ha using the Lunt LS50T and see if we can get a better image.

Celestron EdgeHD 8 inch, F/10
Sky-Watcher EQ6-R Pro
AstroZap Full aperture Baader solar filter

Single Image
0.03 second exposure
IMPPG and Photoshop


Thank you for posting this, great view.


The seeing must have been good. Very nice detail, especially for a single unstacked image.


Believe it or not, the seeing wasn’t that great today. This was just a very lucky single frame. I got about 200 and attempted to stack them, but out of the 200 frames only about 3 were even usable and only 1 was actually good. Thank you though!

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Did you say 130mm Lunt scope?! Wow! What a cool piece of gear for the museum. I’d love to help you guys take some cool solar images with it if you ever needed a cool photo for the museum. :slight_smile:


Also, welcome to the new forum, Waylon!

Looks good, well done :+1: