IC342 Galaxy From Okie-Tex 2023

Stumbled across a folder of unprocessed data from OTSP 2023. Turned out to be a pretty neat looking galaxy. I believe this is only about 2 hours of data on this target. It was very dim and certainly needed more time. However, I still think the end result was good.

Esprit 120 F/7
ZWO ASI294mm Pro
ZWO LRGB Filters

Thanks for looking!


Great image, it is now my centerpiece on my desktop, for now, until the next one comes along LOL. I really like the colors, I can just imagine it rotating. I cropped it to fill the screen with the disc :slight_smile:

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Great image Jaxon. I notice a dark halo arounf the galaxy, is that a processing relic? I was going to make a joke about Dark Matter but decided against it.

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Yeah, it’s a processing relic. I didnt really want to go through the effort of fixing it though. I think it was mostly because of a poor masking job.

Thanks Ron and Joel!