I cant seem to post

Help. really just a stub to see if it woill even post.

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It posted!

I see your post.

Yes, I tried and could in General, but I couldn’t get the astrophotography category to post.

Well, Imma grab some more data tonight, so I’ll have more to post anyways.

I’ll try there again.

Some areas are members only, or even CRO members only. I don’t know why the astrophotography category would be restricted though.

This has to do with trust level’s. Club members that are marked as club members get trust_level_2. Visitors/Guests have to work their way up to trust_level_2. trust_level_0 is for a new user. Then they go to trust_level_1 for a basic user. You get more access as your trust level increases. This is mainly done to help prevent the forum from being spammed.


Thanks for the explanation Dave!

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So … I need to post more? I had kinda got wrapped up in my new job for the last couple of years and didn’t have time for much. But I am now retired and have more time for my hobbies. I was/am excited as I got some new toys and finally some clear skies. Trying to shoot deep sky from downtown OKC. I have a decent start and was excited to post. I missed Okie-Tex last year … due to the weather I chickened out. But need to get my OKC Astro Club membership back up and back out to some dark skies too.

…anyways … more posting needed or just renew my membership (which I need to go do anyway).

Thanks for the responses.

Hmmm, tried to renew, but the page looked funny and would only give me a “tonight” $3 option.

Is this the right place?

Aw, should of read further. I’ll print out and mail in the form.