How to Safely View the April 8, 2024, TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE

Here is a good guide on safe solar eclipse viewing. Please forward this to anyone who asks you about viewing the eclipse on April 8th. Or viewing the sun any time.

I’ve created a .pdf of this page, but can’t post that here. I’ll post it on our Discord channel, or you can contact me and I’ll email/text it to you. That will be a good handout for any of our public events.

Attached is the one-page How to Safely View the Total Solar Eclipse sheet that the AAS sent with the veiwing glasses I handed out at tonight’s meeting.

Please print and give a copy to anyone/everyone you know that may be out looking at the eclipse, or anytime at the sun!

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Great information on eye safety

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Thanks, Dave! That’s the graphic on the black and white PDF/JPG, but nothing I did on scanning, even going up to 1200 dpi, could bring it out in the copies.