Hello! We are new here!

My name is Landee Harrison, and my husband Richard and I joined yesterday. We are really looking forward to meeting new people and learning more about Astronomy. My husband has always enjoyed looking at the stars and I am a bit of a “space nerd” myself. I am 49 and have gone back to college and had to take a science class so I chose Descriptive Astronomy which I am taking this semester. I see you have a public viewing this Friday, is that still on? We would love to come if so.


Sorry for the late post about First Friday Public Viewing Night. It is on see the link below.

Thank you so much!

Hi Landee and Richard! Welcome to the club! The viewing should be just about perfect for viewing on Friday so you picked a great time to join! Hopefully I’ll see you at Windsurfer Point this Friday!

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Welcome Landee and Richard to the OKC Astro club.

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Welcome! Hoping to get to meet you Friday


:wave: Hope to see you friday!

Hello, Landee and Richard! Looking forward to meeting you space nerds on Friday.

Welcome to the club!

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