Heart and Soul 4-panel Mosaic HOO

4-panel mosaic of the Heart and Soul region.

13,927 x 22,395 resolution

HOO color palette

About 200 Ha subs and 200 Oiii subs per panel. Some panels had more or less.

1,665 total 5-minute subs.

5-minute, 100-gain, 445mm focal length, F4.3, Sky-Watcher Esprit 100ED with reducer, Eq6-r Pro mount, ASI2600mm pro camera guided and dithered, 2x drizzled in Pixinsight.

Processed with Pixinsight, Photoshop, Registar, and PTGui.

Data was acquired on all clear nights during Nov and Dec 2023 and Jan 2024, most of the data is from my backyard (Bortle-7) and Cheddar Ranch Observatory (Bortle-4).



Beautiful image- love it!

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Very nice result for a lot of work. Thank you for sharing!

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Just thinking about how much data is in this photo is mind blowing lol

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Thanks, I’m a bit disappointed with how weak the Oiii is with these two nebulea, I’ll probably add some Sii later.