FOR SALE: Southeast Corner #1 Observing Pad. $200.00

First of all, I do not know what happened to all of my other Ads Posted in the old Swap Shop or my For Sale post on the old CRO page but, I am reposting my ad for my Observing Pad here.

As stated in the Title above, I am sellinig my Southeast Corner #1 Observing Pad. I paid $250.00 for it but am asking $200.00 for it.

I take PayPal (Friends and Family option only). Let me know.

Kim Phillips

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What would the sale consist of ? The pad and some paperwork showing ownership ?

The ownership is listed on the CRO Page under Observing Pads. It shows a map of the pads and their owners. There is no actual paperwork. If you purchase from me, it is yours and your name will go on the location chart. I will post on the site listing you as new owner and it will be recorded as such.

Dave Huntz is fully aware of my original post so, if you have any questions, you can contact him via email.

The Club keeps track of which CRO member owns a Personal Facility see section 8 of the CRO Use Policies.

I went out to CRO yesterday, Wednesday, March 13 to check out the pad’s location and to do some observing. My mistake thinking I would have enough time to set up before it got too dark. I also saw lighting flashes around the area so I decided to not do anything. While I was there I checked out your pad’s location and noticed the northwest corner was broken. It looks like about a square foot in size. Also, is there electrical there? I did not see an outlet.

Here are some photos I took with my phone.

While not very pretty, it should just be cosmetic. Should not impact observing on the pad. I think the electrical box is 2 pads west, so a heavy duty extension cord will be needed for anyone using the pad and requiring electricity.

Oh. just took a better look at the pictures. The pad in the picture is on the upper level near the 30" dome. That pad is a club/public pad.

The pad for sell is on the south east corner on the lower level.

Miche is correct. You were in the wrong location. While I haven’t been to CRO since Our Okie-Tex was cancelled for that year, I believe there was a electric box with multiple outlets one pad over.


OK, when I saw Southwest corner I thought that was the location. Also, I thought Jeff Tibb had the one I looked at and offered it to me for $250 when he moved out of state.

Duh, I looked in the South WEST, my other East!

Sorry about my confusion.

Do you still want it? $200. PayPal, “Friends and Family” option. Saves the fee.


If your pad happened to be the one I thought it was, I would have been interested. However I already own a pad in the lower area.