For Sale or Swap?

Recomend changing Swap Shop to For Sale or Swap Shop

I think “swap” can probably be understood as “swapped for cash” and is concise. Also covers “I have cash I wish to swap for this item I am looking for” :smile:

Just remembered the old “Swap n Shop” my dad went to

Maybe that would be a catchy header and cover all bases?

To be honest I almost called it “Buy, Sell & Trade” but the other forum has it called “Swap Shop” and I figured I’d changed enough stuff no one asked for for one day. :slight_smile:

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Eh. I’m sure everyone knows what all the different suggestions mean, so no biggie really. I suggested it because I was thinking that probably at least 90% of everything posted on these is “For Sale,” rather than “Hey! What will you swap me for this?”


I like “Buy, Sell & Trade” that describes it perfectly. I thought it had to be 1 or 2 words only. We could change it and see how it looks.

“Buy, Sell & Trade” looks good even on a small iPhone screen.

I agree! I think it’s a more descriptive name, too.

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I like it! Good change!