For Sale: Celestron NexStar Evolution 9.25"

For Sale:
Celestron NexStar Evolution 9.25" Computerized Telescope

About 3 years old. Great condition. A few minor blemishes. Sent it back to Celestron for a new battery last year and it’s holding a charge very well now. I switched out the focuser for a Feathertouch focuser. I like Celestron, but they do not put good focusers on their telescopes. Includes padded rolling case for the telescope, a plug in GPS module, a dew shield and manuals. Oh. And a Bahtinov Mask to assist in precise focusing.

Asking: $2200

Current new price: $2,849 (plus tax and possibly shipping)

PM me if interested. I’ll be happy to meet you to show you the setup!

I got this telescope to upgrade from my 6" Newtonian on an AVX. Never got far with astrophotography so decided to get an easy to use Alt-Az mount. Mike Brake recommended this one to me and he did not steer me wrong! Celestron supposedly asked their customers what they wanted in a go-to mount and included it all in this telescope. About the only thing they didn’t build in was GPS. I’ll include the GPS dongle I got ($180 on Amazon) so you’ll have that too. It’s a wonderful telescope and I wasn’t going to sell it, but I just haven’t used it that much since I got my first all-in-one EA scope. I’d prefer it go to someone who will use it more than a couple times a year.

I was thinking the case for the OTA came with it, but it doesn’t. I’m including that in my price:

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Here’s a review video from Maximum Astronomy about the 9.25" Evolution. It gives you a good overview of the features and pros and cons of this rig.

I really need to sell this, and my other two rigs advertised here, so please make me an offer!

It’s a really good telescope, and I’d prefer to sell it locally, to avoid shipping. No shipping, and no sales tax, plus all the extra’s I’m throwing in, make this a very good buy.

My primary interest is now the all-in-one EA scopes and I’m just not using this enough to justify keeping it.