First Friday Public Viewing Night at Lake Hefner Windsurfer Point Nov 3rd

We have First Friday Public Viewing Night at Lake Hefner Windsurfer Point on Nov 3rd. Sunset is at 6:33pm and the Moon doesn’t rise until 11:25pm. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune will be up. Going to bring my Orion 6” Starblast telescope. We have someone that has that same telescope that needs help with something being broken on theirs.

Make sure to dress for cold weather it will be in the low 40’s.


The forecasts have really changed in the last few days. Friday is now predicted to be completely clear. The winds are going to be around 15mph, so the wind chill is going to be bitter cold. I may not set up my scopes in those winds, but I’ll be there with binoculars. Will probably get there around 1730 to do some solar viewing, then wait for dark. Will have binoculars there for folks to look through if I don’t set up a scope.

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I hope to be there as well Mitche.

Great, Randy! The more the merrier!

Jupiter is just a day past Opposition so will be a great target to view. The Red Spot will be visible at the start of this event for a couple of hours. I might bring my 8" EdgeHD with the AVX mount instead of the 6" Orion.


We plan on coming out, and will probably just bring the C90 and the Seestar

I plan on attending, will be bringing my xt8 and binoculars. Might bring my nexstar 127slt as well.

Looks like it’s going to be clear, but a bit windy this evening. Fortunately temps have warmed up and it will be high 50s most of the time we’ll be there. But with wind chill will feel colder. Dress warmly and bring a windbreaker, hat and gloves.

I’m planning on getting there between 5:30 and 6. Maybe a bit earlier. Will set up for solar, then wait for dark. Will be bringing binocs and my EA scopes.

Should be a good evening for viewing!

I plan on being there probably around 630

I may be later than I thought. Took my truck in for service this afternoon. They replaced the side mirrors on a factory recall. But as I was leaving, I got about a block away and turned back. Left side mirror is distorted. They’re having to replace the whole assembly. Again. Donno how long that will take, then have to go home to get the scopes (and put on long underwear!) for tonight. Probably going to be about 6 before I get there at least.

It’s a perfect night not much wind at all. Jupiter is looking great.


We had 12 members last night, including 2 brand new members (welcome Ben and Dalton!), and several non-members stopped by to look or get help with equipment (Thanks, Dave, for helping them!) The wind died a bit after sunset and it was actually pretty pleasant.

Thank you to everyone who came!


Itvwas a pleasant evening and spokevwith several non- members as well. Whike viewing Jupiter, someone pointed out that Europa was being eclipsed behind Jupiter non-member saw it in my setup. Great night for outreach!