First Friday, Dec 1 - Arbor Gardens

If the weather improves, we’ll hold the December First Friday at Arbor Gardens Park, on the southside of the metro area, just south and west of the Moore Costco Store. 1695 SW 34th St. We’ll set up on the east side of the parking lot on the grass.

I’ll be there about 6pm (1800). If it’s clear, feel free to come early to get some solar viewing in. Sunset is at 1721.

But right now, the forecast is not good. Looks mostly overcast as of today, but that can, and probably will, change.

I’ll try to get the restroom unlocked, but if I can’t there’s no porta-potty or other restrooms nearby. And dress for cold temps!

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@Mitche ,
Thank you for accommodating those of us on the south side. Unfortunately, I’ll be traveling and unable to join you.

I will be keeping an eye on the weather too, Arbor Gardens looks like an OK place on the Southside.

Right now the forecasts are looking much better! Clear until about midnight.

Tom Graham is working on getting the toilets unlocked for us, but don’t know if that will happen by Friday.

Despite the weather this evening, the forecast for tomorrow evening is clear skies, low winds and (relatively) moderate temps!

Still cloudy here, but my weather apps are all saying it’s supposed to improve to at least partly cloudy, or even slightly cloudy, after sunset. I’m still going to head out for the park in a few minutes and hope that it clear up. I’ll give it till at least 7 before I give up.

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I’m here

Rachel, Hannah, and I, plus about 3 dozen ducks, are here. And suddenly the apps are all saying “cloudy”. If you were still thinking of coming, don’t. We’ll probably be leaving soon.

Well viewing was a complete bust, but the evening wasn’t a complete loss. We had a prospective new club member arrive just as we were leaving. Rachel, Hannah and I talked with him about telescopes and viewing over some refreshments at Freddy’s.

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