ESA’s Euclid Mission - The Dark Universe!

Are you interested in the “Dark”
You might find this fun to check out. Euclid has posted some new imagery from its survey… they are spectacular, as one would imagine. Go to this site and scroll down a little to the section “How to Access the Images” and go from there. Be sure to zoom in on the images and scroll around a lot. Euclid Early Release Observations - Euclid - Cosmos

More info on Euclid and its mission here: ESA - Euclid overview

You can actually obtain the FITS files here: and play!
You can get the actual FITS files from IRSA if you want to play ! Euclid ERO


Thanks for the links, I’m going to have a go at those FITS!

I was just looking into all the modern observatories last night. As if JWST, Euclid, and the VLT & VISTA weren’t cool enough, we get to look forward to the Roman Space Telescope, LISA, the ELT, the Vera Rubin Observatory (f/1.2!), and the Habitable Worlds Observatory. Going to be an interesting couple of decades!

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