Equipment Question

I have a question about equipment. I am wanting to purchase something to prevent dew.

I have an 8" Celestron CST. I do not do astrophotography (I don’t have the patience!). I typically do not observe more than 3 to 4 hours.

Do I want to buy the dew shield which wraps around the tube? Or, do I want to buy the ring which goes over the glass? Or, do I need to buy both?

I thank you for your time and tutelage.

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My experience has been nine times out of ten just the shield does the trick. I have a couple of the rigid Astrozaps for my scopes. Astrozap makes rigid, flexible and combination shields. (The rigids are painted to match the scope brand.)

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I use a flexible dew shield on my 8" EdgeHD. It’s light weight and also helps with balancing the telescope. Helps to keep little hands off the lens.

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Thanks for making this post. I’m inheriting an older C8 SCT in the coming weeks, and have been wondering the same thing. Thanks for the answers Brad & Dave.