Eclipse Images

Very nice, Andy! I’m regretting I didn’t join you in Missouri. You got some fantastic images there!

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Yeah, I wish Texas would have worked out. Just made a last minute call and got lucky up in Missouri.

I have lots more data that needs processed… you are welcome to it!!! :joy::joy::joy:

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Thanks! I’ve been saving your images and adding them to the slide show I have for our public outreach. Right now I’m still running full tilt trying to move into my new house and getting the old one ready to sell.

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Seestar and Hestia


@R.Palmer Very nice, Rachel!

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Taken in Dallas TX at Daley Plaza with a google pixel 8 pro with sun filter


Very cool timelapse of the shadow moving across the us from orbit.

Nice. Picking out good shots from between the clouds was touch and go Dallas / Fort Worth, but it all worked out in the end.