Eastern Veil Nebula & Other OTSP Images

This is the only very pretty image I got at Okie-Tex. NGC 6992 Eastern Veil Nebula, 516 auto-stacked 10 sec subs; 86 minutes total. I took a mosaic view of this at CRO and was a bit disappointed as it was much dimmer and less vibrant than an image I got of the Western Veil Nebula last fall. I thought maybe it was the mosaic mode that made the difference, and I think I was right. This one is brighter than the mosaic, though the FOV is much smaller of course.

Despite trying 3 different mornings, I missed the comet C/2023 P1 (Nishimura), due to bad RA/Dec data. :cry: It looks like it survived perihelion, so am hoping I may get an image of it yet.

Most of the rest of the images I took were Messier clusters. They came out nice and I’m getting close to having an image of every Messier object.

I did get a very faint image of comet 12P/Pons-Brooks.

I also got an image of near earth asteroid (458732) 2011 MD5

And got a few of the sun when it occasionally came out.


Nice work Mitche! Don’t get mad… I just finished up my Veil Nebula too!

Never mad Andy. Your images are all gorgeous and I love looking at them!

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Very cool Mitche. That Veil Nebula still looks really good. Im sure the mosaic isn’t that bad either. Congratulations, looks like it was a successful star party for you!