Eagle Nebula 2-panel mosaic

NGC 6604, M16 and a few other interesting features.

2-panel mosaic (left and right both in landscape orientation).

“HOO” color palette.

55, 10-minute, 100-gain, -10C Ha subs per panel.
55, 10-minute, 100-gain, -10C OIII subs per panel.

18.3 hours integration per panel.

ZWO ASI2600mm Pro, Esprit 100ED, 550mm focal length, F5.5, EQ6-R Pro mount, guided and dithered each sub.

4/30, 6/24, 6/25, 6/26, 6/27/2023.

CRO “Cheddar Ranch Observatory” and my backyard were the locations. Bortle-4 and Bortle-7.

Pixinsight, Photoshop, and ICE (Image Composite Editor) for stitching the mosaic.



I needed 3 monitors to properly see this awesome image, thank you for sharing :grin::+1: