Dump station for camper nearby?

Does anyone know of a dump station I could make use of when I’m heading home to the east? Even if I have to pay I don’t mind. I plan on using the bathroom in my camper while I’m sleeping and would like to empty the tanks and not have to haul it the 700 miles home.

Also previous years it was allowed to dump grey water on the ground outside the camp area. Is this still allowed?


We started spending the night at Black Mesa State Park before heading home so we could use the dump station. You might be able to pay to use it if you don’t want to stay overnight.

The Love station in Boise City might have a dump station not sure. We fill up with water when we stop there for gas on the way in.

I never heard about dumping gray tank on the ground that might be something someone started doing to try and make that a thing. I can ask at our next board meeting in July.

I never heard it was “allowed” to dump grey water in Camp Billy Joe.

There is also an RV park in Boise City, by the Dairy Queen.

I’ve dumped at the RV park in Boise City. They charge a nominal fee. $10 if I remember correctly, but may be different now.

There is an app called Campendium that has rv parks, dump stations etc. looks like there are dump stations at Loves in Texhoma and No Mans land Park in Guyman.