Dr. Graham Lau, Astrobiologist, Live Interview with The Mars Society

Click here for the Live Stream on YouTube

Sorry for the late notice, but at 7PM CST today (16 January), there will be a live interview with Astrobiologist Dr. Graham Lau on The Mars Society podcast “Red Planet Live”. It’s taking place on YouTube, and provides the ability to ask questions via the chat.

Abiogenesis (the founding of life from inanimate matter), evolution, and planetary science are all intriguing subjects. Feel free to message me any time if you’d like to know more!

Thanks! The Mars Society rented an entire room for a nice exhibit at the Star Trek convention in Vegas last August. Was extremely interesting.

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For sure! The Mars Society brings together a surprisingly broad spectrum of great thinkers-- biologists, engineers, philosophers, doctors, sociologists, psychologists, physicists, etc. Basically everyone that it takes to inform the plan for a new society.

If anyone enjoyed the podcast and wants to know more about astrobiology, here’s a link to the Astrobiology Primer V2.0 that Graham mentioned towards the end.

I talked with Robert Zubrin for 30-45 min when it was slow. A very interesting guy.

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Missed it live but watched it on the replay. Very interesting topic.

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