Delete message Question

I just tried to delete a message I posted. I thought I’d done that in the past, but this time it turned it red, with a trashcan and a 1 min timer at the bottom. I wondered why the delay, so left it and checked on it more than a minute later. Now it says the reply is “hidden” and has an 8 min timer next to it. I’m confused.

Where was the post? It might because you’re a moderator now and weren’t originally? Moderators and admins have some different delete permissions, I think. I can look into this.

It’s under Navigation still isn’t intuitive to me….

Ahah! It’s not a countdown, but a count up. Now it says 18 min. I was trying to be funny, decided to delete it, and now can’t seem to do anything with it.

And what is a “hidden” reply? Who can see it? Just me or can who I replied to see it? I’m assuming everyone can’t, or else why call it hidden?

I can see it but I’m an admin. I will investigate what’s going on. I don’t remember off hand what exactly happens when a post is deleted by a non admin. Im sure it’s a security thing somehow but I agree it’s kinda confusing behavior.