CRO Observing Pad locations with current owners and public pads

Kim’s post on his CRO pad for sale had me looking for the current pad ownership pics. I had to log back into the old forum to find them, but wanted to get them posted to this forum.

Click on the links below for Observing Pad locations with current owners and public pads open for use on a first-come basis.

If anyone is wanting to sell their pad, I guess it could go under the Buy, Sell, Trade category, like Kim posted, or under the CRO category, since only CRO members can buy them.

I think Dave Huntz is the one keeping this up to date, so thank you Dave!

If this topic can be “pinned” like on the old forum I hope one of the adminstrators will do that.

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Thank you for posting this Mitche


Thanks for doing this.

Several members have asked about purchasing a pad. I let them know that if they could not find a pad to use, they are always welcome to use my pad. I will always post if I intend to use my pad. We currently have 22 pads and they have never all been in use. Pad ownership requires you to maintain an OKCAC and CRO Membership. Refer to the CRO Use Policies.

Here is a list (In order) of Members that have asked about purchasing a pad.

Ed Averyt
Chris Petroff Upper pad area only?
Peter Khor
Danny Macdonald
Mike LaPuzza
Pamela Schlegel

Please let me know if you want to be added to this list or are no longer interested in purchasing a pad.