Comet C/2023 P1 Nishimura

Imaged comet Nishimura this morning (8/28) at 5.57a.m. when it was about 20 degrees above the horizon between Pollux and the Beehive cluster. The comet was just visible in my finder as the sky was just beginning to lighten.

Comet was very small and greenish about 7.6 mag. With maybe a slight elongation of the coma to the upper left suggesting the direction of a tail, (reversed image - refractor/diagonal)

Orion 120ST refractor on EQ3 mount. 15mmEP (40x) 1.5 degree field. IPhone 13 Pro Max using NightCap app.


That is a nice picture, thanks for sharing!

Very cool, well done :+1: I’ll try and image this comet during the next new moon.

Nice image, Clint!

Comet Nishimura is on the target list for citizen science for Unistellar/SETI, but I haven’t managed to capture it yet. It’s on my to do list and I’m hoping I can get some images of it at Okie-Tex.