Club Christmas Party Friday December 15th at 7PM

News About the Club Christmas Party

As you may have already noticed on the club’s event calendar, this year the club’s Christmas Party date has been changed. The Science Museum Oklahoma has a large event booked on our normal Friday night. So the Christmas Party will be held at SMO on the 3rd Friday, December 15th. You’ll be getting an email with all the normal details, but we wanted to raise awareness of this change.

Please respond to this post if you plan to attend the Christmas Party, along with the number in your group. This won’t be used as a strict head count, but will certainly help in planning the food order.

The Club provides the main entree brisket and pulled pork from earls and drinks. Please be sure to post the side dish and/or dessert that you plan to bring.

Party of 2, bringing bread and cookies

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I at least will make it, too soon to tell if my wife will be able to come.

I will be there. Just me. I’ll bring some bread and a sweet potato pie.

Unfortunately, I’ll be in washington state at that time. I hope you all have a great time!

My wife and I will be there. Bringing a corn casserole :slight_smile:

Susan and I will be bringing the brisket and pulled pork from Earl’s for the club. We will bring deviled eggs.

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I plan to come: - just one of me. Let me know if you notice any type of food that is lacking that I can bring. I usually bring potato salad, beans, or slaw.

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i hope i can make it as i have a healing leg injury since late will be good to see everyone again!

Just 1! Pasta salad and dessert!

Hannah and I. Probably an apple pie and bread of some sort

Will bring aloo Gobi, an Indian dish of potatoes, cauliflower and spices.

We will have two attending and will bring sausage balls.

I will be attending and bringing brownies.

Rod Gallagher will coming also.


Me and Adrianna plan on attending, will bring puffcorn dessert

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I will be there. Party of 1. Planning to bring some sugar cookies and mac & cheese.

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Party of 2, will be bringing Christmas Crack treats! We look forward to meeting everyone!!!

In the past, sometimes we would do a few door prizes and or raffles. Has anyone talked about this? It makes it fun!

Andy, Ida is on top of it.


Yeah Ron! That’s awesome, everyone is gonna love it!

Jean and I plan to attend. Bringing deviled eggs, green beans, and cole slaw.