CANCELLED: Member Night at CRO - May 4


The next member night at CRO is on Saturday, May 4.

Right now the long range weather forecasts are calling for scattered thunderstorms and high winds, 10-20mph. With a 60% chance of rain. But this is Oklahoma and this could change! Please watch the weather forecasts, and check back here to ensure the observatory will be open before you head out!

Sunset is at 2024 (8:24pm). Nautical twilight begins at 2052. Astronomical twilight begins at 2125. Twilight ends and true night begins at 2201.

The moon sets at 1642 (4:42pm), so it will be a very dark night!

Again, watch the weather forecasts and here on the forum to find out if the forecast changes and if we will have to cancel.

If anyone is coming that can open the 14” or 30” scopes, please post on here that you will be attending and it will be open.

If you’re planning to come out, please post on here that you are coming. I will not be able to attend, so please ensure that a CRO member posts on here that they will have CRO open for all members!

If you want to be guided to CRO, please post here and check back to see if a CRO member can meet and guide you. CRO members, please post what time you can meet any members needing guides. Please make arrangements to meet directly with whoever will be guiding you.

The location of the observatory is also now searchable in both Google Maps and Apple Maps. Search for Cheddar Ranch Observatory, Watonga, OK, and it should appear and give you directions if you want. It might also appear in your GPS app/program.

Clear and dark skies!

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I am planning currently to go early enough to help mow and then stay the evening.

Thanks, Joel! I hope the weather cooperates!

Ill either need a guide or directions. Is it something you can Google Map?


Thank ya much!

Did you not get the email I sent out after you joined? It might be in your spam folder. I can resend it if you don’t find it.

Oh goodness. I found it. Im sorry. This surgery has me all messed up. Lol

Currently raining out there with a high chance of more rain later today into the night.

I was going to go out to mow but I think I will wait, perhaps I will be able to make later this week around Wednesday.

All the forecasts I see have cloud cover at 100% and scattered thunderstorms. Plus there’s flood watches around the area. I think it’s safe to cancel this one a bit earlier than I usually do.

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