Best way to locate an Melotte 111 Coma Star Cluster?

So my handheld go-to on my Celestron mount doesn’t have Mel designations, so is they only way to find this cluster is to use RA and Dec or my software pkg that can control the scope? The other name for the Coma Star Cluster is called Collinder 256 which also isn’t on the handheld either.

Thank you.

I checked several of my apps that can control scopes and only found Sky Safari Pro with Melotte 111 in its catalog.

I’ve checked my other astronomy apps, and most only have Melotte 22 and 25 in their catalogs. Or don’t have any Melottes at all. So you’ll probably have to pay for an app that has an extensive catalog.

It looks like putting in the coordinates will be the best way to go. Now I will have to take a look at this one. Is there something of interest in it?

Thanks Dave. This looks great that all these catalogs are in one place! I’ll probably just do a go-to and put in the RA and Dec for Mel 111 and that should take me there. I’ll bookmark the web site. Again, thanks. /Randy

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Melotte 111 is located about 2° to the celestial south from the 4th magnitude star Gamma Comae Berenices. Mel 111 is a large, loose open cluster that I have found to be best viewed with binoculars.
On July 7 at CRO, Melotte 111 was naked eye visible appearing as a slightly brighter area in the sky near Gamma Comae Berenices.


Thanks Tim. On July 9th at my home I was able to capture Mel 111 at least in part with a 0.6 reducer/corrector on my low power.