Best mobile app for the Solar Eclipse?

Do you have a favorite mobile app designed specifically for the Solar Eclipse?

I recently watched a YouTube video:

…,and then purchased the iOS app: Solar Eclipse Timer


Doesn’t anyone have a recommendation for a mobile app?

I used one in 2017 and it was great. Unfortunately I don’t remember which app I used and there’s a ton of them now. I’ve looked at over a dozen and I can recommend these.

A good free app is Totality, by Big Kid Science. Gives lots of info, including times of events for your location, but apparently doesn’t announce them audibly. It’s still worth getting. If you have an iPhone, the app is at: ‎Totality by Big Kid Science on the App Store

This free app, One Eclipse by Simulation Curriculum Corp, has audio alerts, and announces when totality starts and stops at your location, but in the test audio, it didn’t specifically tell you that you can now take off your glasses to look at the sun, and then to put your glasses back on NOW when it ends. I guess it assumes everyone has common sense. That might be an incorrect assumption… The company that produces it is a very good one. It’s at: ‎One Eclipse on the App Store

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Sorry I didn’t see this earlier:

I use Xavier’s interactive website:‘TERRAIN’

With his data and map, you can drop a pin/location and get “to the second” times for totality etc. There is also the “Eclipse Timer app” that a lot of people will be using.

I will be using Xavier’s site and program for my eclipse photography… weather permitting. I’ve checked 3 14-day forecasts and all of them are saying clouds and showers… but I’m trying to remain hopeful.

Xavier Jubier’s website has been and remains my go-to.

The mobile app you alluded to is likely the same as I mentioned in the first post.

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