I’d like to see Astrophotography moved to a major heading, with at least the following sub-headings:




All-In-One EA (or even just EA)

Maybe more sub-headings as needed.

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I’d like to see an astrophotography section too. It is one of the best ones on the old site.

Jaxon Taylor

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Heya Jaxon - you should see AP now. You weren’t in the member group yet.

@sdm Currently I still see it as a sub to the General category. I too would love to see it located in the list as General and the other categories. As Mitche suggested. :+1:

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Apologies, I misunderstood Jaxon’s issue. I’m sure I had very strong opinions about Astrophotography’s placement under General at the time but I don’t remember what those were now. :slight_smile:

Can we put the Astrophotography category as one of the main categories that shows on the left-hand side of the website? It’s pretty inconvenient to search those categories, not find it, then click all categories, then select Astrophotography. Just a minor complaint :slight_smile:



P.S. If you feel like adding one more will be too much, then I argue Site-Feedback is less important than Astrophotography

You actually do this yourself. Click this button:

Then click this button:

New users have it like this by default, I think, but it wasn’t set that way originally.

Oh, gosh. I’m dumb Danny. Thanks! Did not even see that little edit button!

No problem! I’m sure you’re not the only one with that issue. :slight_smile: