Astrophotographers: Welcome! And some rules

Welcome to the dedicated Oklahoma City Astronomy Club Astrophotography board! Here is your go-to place to post your astronomy photos, talk about your favorite esoteric star stacking app, discuss processing techniques, get help with any of the above, or just, you know, chat about pretty space stuff.

Here are some rules:

  • The maximum upload size for photos and files is 4mb. We can change it, but we’d much rather you post your time-lapse videos and uncompressed raw TIF files somewhere else and link them here.

  • If you took a deep space photo, please provide all relevant capture and processing details with your post, or at least put it in the second post. If you don’t, someone will immediately ask (someone always asks), so just include it in the original post and save everyone some time.

  • Proper image attribution is REQUIRED. We will absolutely not tolerate anyone trying to take credit for someone else’s work. If you took the photo, please say so! If you got the photo somewhere else, DEFINITELY say so!

  • Finally, don’t be a jerk. We expect this place to be a positive, welcoming and encouraging part of the OKCAC community. We don’t think this will become an issue, but hey we have to say it.

That’s it (for now). We might revise these rules in the future, or add/remove them as this place evolves. Now, show us your cool space pictures!