Astronomy Gear On Sale Now!

I get a lot of emails from the different vendors and manufacturers and it looks like there’s a few sales right now. You can probably find these sales at any online astronomy store or often direct from the manufacturer.

I’m not trying to support any particular brand or company, just trying to let folks who don’t get the announcements know there are some good sales going on. We can keep this thread going by posting sales as we notice them.

Celestron has their NexStar line on sale until 30 June. Savings look like $200-600 on scopes and bundles. These are great telescopes for the beginner looking to move up from their beginning telescopes. Especially if you’re interested in going from a manual to a go-to scope.

Explore Scientific also has a sale going on until 30 June on selected refractors (no tripod or mount). Savings look to be about $200-500 each. If you’re looking at improving your optics, these are a good deal right now.

I’m sure there are other sales going on, but these are the ones I’ve noticed. If anyone sees other great deals, please post them below.

It looks like Hestia’s are $100 off right now. Down to $299. For one week only. I think just about everywhere online has that price right now. I know Rachel uses hers a lot and has gotten some very nice images with it!

However, if you’re thinking of getting one, I have one brand new in the shipping box that I’ll sell for $100 less than that. $199. I got it as a gift for a friend, but it arrived too late to give.