Astronomy Day Viewing Saturday May 18th

We will have Astronomy Day Viewing at Scissortail Park on Saturday May 18th at 8pm. We can use the South side of Scissortail park near the Overlook Hill. It will be street parking. There is a bathroom on the East side of the park. I’m thinking setting up on the West side would be better.

Sunset is at 8:30pm and the Moon rises at 4:06pm.


The weather forecast is looking great for Saturday night. Hill Pavilion is on the East side of the park. I think setting up on the West side would be better. There is parking along S Harvey Ave on the West or S Robinson Ave on the East. Since it will mainly be Moon viewing I’m going to bring out my 8" EdgeHD on the AVX mount.

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I scouted this out before, and I think that’s a great spot to try, Dave! I’m glad you’re going to try it out. Maybe we can have some of our First Fridays there if it works for this Saturday. I’m just not sure how much foot traffic we’ll get for our public events.

I’ll try to make this, but no guarantees. I’m spending most of every day trying to get my old house ready to sell. Even when I’m free, and the weather is great, I’ve just been too exhausted to set up. Even in my backyard.

Yay! I’m so happy we’re able to do some sky viewing viewing finally! Thank you for scouting it out!

Things go right I’ll be there and hope to get some sky viewing.


@DaveNH6SM ,
The weather forecast does look beautiful. Where are you thinking of setting up?

[Edit: map removed to avoid confusion.]

The map you added is for the North side. My post says South side of Scissortail park near the Overlook Hill. I also updated the map location on the Club calendar.


Thank you for that correction. I’ve not been there yet and was unaware that the park extended that far south (beyond Union Station/I-40).
I’ve removed my map image to avoid confusion.

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I haven’t been south of the skydance bridge either. The last time I was on the bridge, the lot to the south was all run down and overgrown etc.

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I’m thinking about going to SPARK at Scissortail Park before hand for dinner. Say about 6pm or 6:30pm anyone interested in joining me?

Andy that was awhile ago Scissortail Park - Lower has been finished for several years now.


My cousins are taking me out for dinner, but I hope to join you afterward at the park.

I have been out of touch!: “ The Upper Park opened on September 27, 2019, and Lower Park opened on September 23, 2022.

Source: About Scissortail Park – Scissortail Park.

Have fun

I didn’t get a notification or I totally would have! We’re on our way shortly.

Jim and I are here. We are on the West side,

Just an FYI the closest bathroom closes at 6pm.

Some pictures taken. I was too obsessed with the moon yesterday. Thank you for a wonderful time. My friend James, the big ole’ guy, said he had a ton of fun and thank you for all of the information.


That is awesome, great pictures :smiley:

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Bobie what were your Moon shots taken with? This shot of the Moon taken through an 8" EdgeHD with .7x focal reducer. Camera Canon T3i.

Here is our group. David Wrenn from the Odyssey Astronomy Club joined us.

It was a great night for viewing!

I got this one of the Moon with my Seestar.

And this one of the Antennae Galaxies with my eVscope 2.