Asteroid 4 Vesta encounter!

So back in December I was imaging IC443 (Jellyfish nebula) at 135mm. At this field of view it includes NGC2175 (Monkey Head nebula) as well. After stacking and processing I noticed two elongated objects near the Monkey Head nebula. So i went in to stellarium and looked up the dates I was imaging and sure enough I caught something. Apparently asteroid 4 Vesta was making its way through that area. Pretty neat to see how far it travelled in a 8 day period. I just love this hobby!! 4 Vesta is one of the largest objects in the asteroid belt at 326 miles in diameter. It was discovered in 1807 by the german astronomer Heinrich Wilhelm Matthias Olbers.

Canon T3I fs mod
Samyang 135mm @ f3.2
ES Exos2 GT mount

Svbony uhc filter ( 12hrs) 90 sec subs
Dithered every 3 frames.
Processed in Siril and Photoshop.


Nice shot. The bottom of the IC443 is very bright. I keep looking for the light source that is causing the illumination. But red usually mean “emission”, so I guess it is generating it own light.

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That’s really cool Aaron! Well done :+1::+1::+1:

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