April First Friday?

This month First Friday is right before the weekend of the eclipse. While I’ll be in the city that night, I’ll be packed (or still packing!) to leave the next morning for Texas and will not want to go out the night before. Others may be in the same boat.

So should we have an April First Friday? The long range forecast is partly cloudy with winds 10-15mph.

If anyone on here wants one, reply to this and I’ll get it posted on the club calendar. Otherwise let’s try again in May.

Honestly, I think waiting until May is best for this time around.

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Since it isn’t on the calendar and didn’t make the monthly email reminder I thought it was not really scheduled due to the eclipse being that Monday. I will be heading out for that as are a lot of members.

We can have it again in May which needs to be added to the calendar.

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I’ll add the May First Friday to the Calendar llater today.

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While you’re at it, could we have the club’s regular Member Nights on the Events calendar sooner? The NEXT monthly MNs are decided PRIOR to the club meetings every month. May MNs are known as of 4/12 meeting. If you could get to posting in Events the MNs for the next month, it could facilitate CRO member’s planning.

I put NEXT month’s MNs in my personal calendar as soon as the club’s meeting announcement comes out. We CRO members could then commit on the Forum sooner. At the very least we could mark WATCHING those posts.

Thanks for all you do for the club!

Marv, not sure what calendar you’re looking at. The dates for all CRO Member Nights are on the club calendar on the Night Sky Network for the entire year. Links to it are on the club website. Jan to Jan. Dave Huntz posts them there every year.

I don’t post them to the forum until the first of the month as I’ve found that when I post them too early they get lost. The top threads are the ones with the newest responses on them. If I post them say a month in advance, they’ll be buried after a dozen or more other threads by the time they get close.

I think he is talking about 1st Friday not NM nights.

Not First Fridays. Member Nights. But i get it that if you post them too early, they can get buried.

I just like to see them early enough to respond, or at least start “watching” them.

Not to worry. Just asking.

I’ll try to start the thread here about two weeks before the first MN for the new month. If folks start responding to it, that will keep it at the top of the list of posts.

Can i ask what is the difference between 1st Friday & Astronomy day viewing vs member night? Is viewing at a more local location vs member night is at CRO? Forgive my ignorance.

No problem! I didn’t understand the differences when I first joined either.

First Friday Public Viewing night is held the first Friday (of course) of each month, is held in the metro area (currently at Arbor Gardens Park in Moore), and is primarily intended as a public outreach event. It’s open to anyone who shows up.

Member Night at CRO is held 1-3 times a month, on Saturdays, at the club observatory at Cheddar Ranch. If you pay the extra dues for a Cheddar Ranch membership, you have access to CRO 24/7/365. But the regular member’s dues also support CRO, so a CRO member will ensure the observatory is open at least once a month (weather dependent) for any member to use and enjoy. Member Nights are scheduled around the New Moon to get the darkest skies, so the exact days vary each month, but always on a Saturday. Guests and prospective members are also invited to Member Night.

We also hold a “Novice Night” quarterly. That is also in the metro area, alternating between a location on the north side and south sides of the city. Novice Night is so experienced members can assist anyone with equipment problems, learning how to use new equipment, learning night sky viewing, etc. It’s also open to anyone, club member or not. It’s held on either a Friday or Saturday night. Our last Novice Night was last Saturday, so the next one will be in July on the south side. If the weather is bad, we will reschedule the next month.

Hope this clarifies it!

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Interestingly enough 1st Fridays are my favorite events. I get to meet new people, help others with their equipment and get new ideas and insights. I look forward to attending more