Any members into sketching?

Do we have any members that sketch their observations with any frequency? I’ve long thought that I have zero sense for perspective, and I’ve only tried once (informally on Orion’s Nebula) but I’m thinking of making it a New Year’s resolution. (How’s that for non-committal?)

A non-committal commitment. I like it. Ken Pryor used to do this but he not a very active member anymore.

I’ve wanted to get into sketching for years! Every so often I check out the sketching forum on CN with the intent of finally doing it, then I remember that I couldn’t draw a straight line even with a ruler and give up without trying. Someday though!

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I sketch jupiter and saturn amd its moons. Just as it appears through my telescope. I enjoy watching the moons transition.

I also attept to sketch other things but my ability to draw is very limited. However, i enjoy it.

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I have sketched a couple of things over the years, by no means on a consistent basis. Here’s a sketch of Sirius I did a few years ago. I was so happy to clearly see “the pup” with my 12" dob , I tried to capture it in pencil. Sketch was scanned and inverted.


That’s really nice Clint, good job :+1:

Well done. Thanks for sharing!

The reason I love seeing sketches is that it gives us such a good idea of what we can hope to see with our own eyes with similar equipment and conditions. (I’ve not seen the pup yet.)

I thought it was a photo. Great sketch!

I’ve split Sirius with the 30" at CRO. It looks just like Clint’s sketch!

I do some, there is a local Urban Sketchers club, that I’ve not been back to since the whole covid thing. They meet at local museums and parks to sketch what they see. I thought a crossover event ( daylight hours) would be nice

A crossover event as outreach would be fun. And more accessible to all.

I’ve seen groups sketching in daylight a few times before (primarily while on vacay). Initially, as read your post, I thought of solar and thought that might be uneventful for first time astronomers (at least with my setup), but then thought of sketching the moon during daylight. (?!)

We could bring telescopes… and binoculars and… encourage the daylight sketchers to bring their own binoculars!

You have a great idea. Count me in!

Invite them out to CRO, we can put the C14 on a planet or the moon, etc and the sketch group can look in the eyepiece and then sketch in the warmth of the building. I’ll open everything up for you guys and run the scope.

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