Another Potential Game Changer in Equipment?

This is another potential game changer!

It apparently requires a 2" eyepiece, but other than that, this could enhance the viewing of all optical telescopes.

I haven’t found anything more on it yet, but will be on the watch for more info.

At first blush, it looks like an all-in-one EA scope in an eyepiece. Depending on the cost, I can see this selling quickly!

Oh. Just found this in the FAQs:

How much will SmartEye cost?
The approximate suggested retail price for SmartEye will be $1,500 USD.

That will put it out of reach of most folks. Too bad.

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I saw this a few weeks ago. My thought was, this would be good for the 30".


Ooooh. I had not thought of that! Excellent idea Andy! I agree!

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