A SUPER Blue Moon Tonight!

Hey folks! Tonight is not just a Blue Moon, it’s a SUPER Blue Moon!!!

Moonrise is at 2013 (8:13pm) so probalby best to view it at least an hour or more after moonrise.

No equipment is necessary, but binocs or a small telescope will really bring it out! If you have moon filters, this would be a good time to use them. It’ll be bright.

A few of us are gathering the The Grove Bar in midtown to observe it. This is not a club event, just some friends getting together to share the rare event! Anyone is welcome to join us!

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How’s it going over at the Grove Bar? :grin:

I ended up going to Windsurfer point for a bit. Good thing too, there was a new club member here struggling a little with her scope. In truth, it’s broken unfortunately. Little Meade goto with stripped gears. But she had 2 friends with her and having fun anyways. :+1:

Right after I got setup, had a guy drop in to ask what’s up? He ended up running home to get his DSLR camera lol. Another couple showed up asking what’s up, they ended up using one of my blankets to wait for moonrise.

Several other people came around to look through the scope as well.

All in all about 10 people hanging out to view the moonrise and more.


We had a slow, but fairly steady stream of folks come by and look at the moon in both my optical and EAA scopes. Didn’t count, but I’d say at least 20, maybe a few more. Perfect viewing conditions! A bit more light than I would have liked, but for mid-town OKC was good! Several expressed interest in joining the club. A pleasant night to look at the Super Blue Moon!

first snap I took turned out the best, just the phone with my C90 in the front yard., this is the unedited vs. Stray kitten I feed actually sat while I watched instead of running away

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Great shot with a cell camera! I gave up trying to get images with my phone a while back.

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none of the others were worth keeping, That one was the very first one and came out perfect for what it is( manual not motorized mount)