3D print a carbon fiber Newtonian?

I just discovered this new YouTube video of an enthusiast that has 3D printed a carbon fiber Newtonian:

Though the video is intended to be about a 3D carbon fiber build, one by-product is that his minimalist design is incredibly helpful in understanding the fundamentals of a Newtonian reflector AND seeing how collimation works.

(And as a post-script, I’ve been sloppily using the terms, Newtonian and Dobsonian almost interchangeably. (Thanks for educating me, Joel.)

A Dobsonian is a Newtonian and a Newtonian is a reflector. But this is not necessarily true in reverse. I’ve known this but have too casually referred to a Dobsonian as a Newtonian without knowing that “Newtonian” typically implies a tripod mount. Thanks, Joel!)

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One of our OTSP speakers this year, Jonathan Kissner, did a talk on 3d printing Newtonians. It was very cool and informative and he brought a bunch of different scopes he had 3d printed for us to look at. Really neat stuff!