1st Friday Public Viewing Night at Lake Hefner WSP Aug 4th

I’m planning on going out at about 8pm to catch the Sunset. Sunset is at 8:31pm. Is anyone else panning on coming out? Going to bring my AVX and 8" EdgeHD telescope.

Joel said he would be there about seven, I will probably get there then too, though we will probably regret it. I am probably just going to bring the C-90 rather than wrestle the 8 around in the heat.

7pm, right! If all else fails, I will sit in the A/C LOL

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Mr. had a slight accident in my car and it’s not drivable. Just a tire and rim but it’s out of commission for the evening.

All packed up too, fortunately not loaded up.

Just saw this, hoping all is well!

I just arrived, there are exactly 8 cars in the lot, including me.

102° light clouds and a major thunderstorm brewing in the north.

Going to wait a bit before setting up

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It will be ok lol. Mostly an annoyance to be dealt with.

Had a nice night just a bit warm. Joel had his telescope setup and we got to look at the Sun. Had some nice Sunspots. Gerald had his binoculars setup with solar filters. We didn’t have much of a turnout of visitors maybe 5 stopped by to ask what we were looking at. Joel saw a bright meteor and I saw it out of the corner of my eye. The Constellations were looking really good even with a bit of thin clouds. Just as we were getting to leave about 9:40pm we saw something get bright then disappeared and bright again. This happened about 4 times. I looked at my App and didn’t show any satellites in that area.

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Thanks to all who supported this, and wanted to support it! I.e., Rachel…

Hope your car is drivable again!

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Yeah, we got it taken in the next day. Went ahead and replaced the other one too, and still was cheaper than groceries, lol :melting_face:

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