1st Friday - Mar 1, 2024 at Arbor Gardens Park

The next First Friday event will be held at 7pm on Mar 1.

Weather permitting, we’ll meet at Arbor Gardens Park, 1695 SW 34th St, in Moore, towards the east end of the parking lot, near the walkway.

Hopefully the Moore Parks Dept will have the indoor toilets open for us.

This event is for both club members to get together to observe in the metro area, and for prospective members and the general public.

Please check back here the afternoon of Mar 1 to see if the weather will cooperate. we’ll try to hold it if it’s partly cloudy, depending on wind and percentage of cloud cover, but we’ll definitely cancel if completely overcast.

It may still be cold, so dress very warmly! As Dave always says, dress for 20 deg colder than the actual temperature.

I haven’t made it out to this location yet. Going to try and get out there for this one.


I will be out of state so will not be able to make this.

The long range forecast is for clear skies, but may be a bit windy. But the temperature should be pleasant!

It should be a good evening for binoculars and visual telescopes!

As of today, I plan on being there. , I will be keeping an eye on the weather as the week progresses. If anyone else is interested in coming out, let me know.

Assuming the clouds stay away, I plan to be there also.

p.s., The City of Moore Parks Department has kindly agreed to leave the bathrooms unlocked later than usual for us again.

Thanks! Tom… I didn’t think of the restroom issue. I hope the weather cooperates.

Ida and I will be coming out for this one. I’m going to bring my AVX mount and 8" EdgeHD telescope. We will be bringing out some solar eclipse items including solar glasses.

Jupiter and Orion will be up for some good viewing.

I’ll be there too! It should be a beautiful evening.

I’ve just invited my family and two families (with young kids) from work.

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I looked for this post earlier and didn’t find it. I’m bringing the C-90 and the Seestar

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Thanks to everyone who turned out for the evening. I believe that I counted at least 6-8 different setups and at least two different sets of visitors.


We needed to find something for dinner before the event. We had a nice surprise there is a DQ only minutes from the event.

We had a total of 11 members and 4 visitors. Two of our visitors stopped by when they saw us to see what was going on. They left and came back after putting on some warmer clothes. Gave out some solar glasses and eclipse materials. Had great view of Jupiter with 3 moons. The fourth moon was hidden behind the planet. Orion Nebula was looking good also. There really wasn’t any wind and the temperature was pleasant.

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Thank you to all the club members that were there last night, and especially to Tom, who got the bathrooms open for us! I’m glad the night turned out so well!

And I would especially like to thank Ida (and Dave). Not only did the fair number of grouped vehicles and telescopes call attention, but Ida had a very professional Oklahoma City Astronomy Club “banner” visibly displayed across the full width of their vehicle’s windshield.
This allowed anyone who glanced our way to know who we are.

To me, this is critically important for all events with a primary purpose of outreach. We must say

  1. who we are;
  2. welcome; and
  3. please come look and ask questions!

(We really can’t expect most individuals to approach us in the dark and strike up a conversation.)

Maybe add some small red, LED lights and more than a couple yard signs?

We have red led arm bands