Member Nights at CRO

This is the start of a thread to see if we can have one long thread for Member Nights, as we do for other regular events.

Because it’s going to be a continuing thread over multiple nights, please include which member night you’re writing about in each post. Otherwise it will get very confusing very quickly.

As with the other continuing events, ensure you are following this thread to get notified when there are new posts.

So I’ll get this started!

The next Member Night is July 6th.

The current long range forecast is partly cloudy with low winds. Check back here Saturday afternoon to ensure the weather will be good enough to open the observatory.

As always, non-CRO members must ensure that a CRO member has posted they will have the observatory open.

Sunset is at 2053. Civil Twilight ends at 2123. Nautical Twilight ends at 2200. Astronomical twilight ends at 2240 and Night Time begins.

The moon will set at 2200 and will be a waxing crescent at 0.8% illumination when up.

Please post here if you plan on attending or if you need help getting directions to CRO.

I plan on going if weather holds up.

So far friday is looking like the night to go

Interested, but watching weather closely.

The forecasts I’m seeing show clear and mild winds for Saturday. I’m hoping those forecasts hold!

Thats oklahoma for you, saturday is looking petty good now

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I plan on going as long as the weather is clear. Could someone meet me out there to show me the ropes?

There will definitely be a member there to show you around. Cheddar ranch observatory is on google maps, if you need a guide there a good meet up place is the Cherokee travel plaza off i-40. Usually we get there an hour before sunset but most likely a few of us will be there before hand to take care of some landscaping

Awesome. I’m really looking forward to it. Thank you.

I’m thinking I may go out tomorrow night. I will bring some CRO keys for any CRO members that have not got their key yet. Please let me know if you need one? I can open up the C14.

I do not have keys yet.

Will be going out tonight weather permitting, Will be the first time. Still need to get keys. Once out there, any help/advice would be appreciated.

Dave, I will be out tonight for the first time and I do need to get a set of keys (if you make it out)


Member Night July 6th. Anyone interested in going to Swadley’s in El Reno for dinner ahead of time? I was thinking of getting there around 6:15pm. Ceres is at opposition today.

Ill join you

Unless someone has mowed I’m sure it needs it, so I’m going to try to get to CRO about 5 and at least mow the top pads.

If someone would bring me a pulled pork sandwich (NO pickle please!) and fried okra from Swadley’s I’ll reimburse them.

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Stickers very bad. Don’t recommend open toed shoes.

This was an excellent member night tonight! We had 13 members and guests, including several CRO members who were making their first trip to the observatory!

We got a few unexpected clouds, but they cleared quickly. The wind was a bit higher than we wanted, but was fine for most folks.

Thanks, Dave, for opening the 14"! And for the food!