Member Night at CRO - November 11

The next member night at CRO is on Saturday, November 11.

Sunset is at 1730 (5:30pm). Nautical twilight begins at 1757. Astronomical twilight begins at 1827. Twilight ends and true night begins at 1858.

The moon sets before sunset and doesn’t rise until 0622. It should be a great night for observing, weather permitting!

Watch the weather forecasts and here on the forum to find out if the viewing will be good that night!

If anyone is coming that can open the 14” or 30” scopes, please post on here that you will be attending and it will be open.

If you’re planning to come out, please post on here that you are coming.

If you want to be guided to CRO, please post here and check back to see if a CRO member can meet and guide you. CRO members, please post what time you can meet any members needing guides. Please make arrangements to meet directly with whoever will be guiding you.

The location of the observatory is also now searchable in both Google Maps and Apple Maps. Search for Cheddar Ranch Observatory, Watonga, OK, and it should appear and give you directions if you want. It might also appear in your GPS app/program.

Clear and dark skies!


Would like to attend, weather permitting. Waiting on my M48 adapter for my Canon to attach to my 62ED that should be here this week.

I’m planning on coming out. We should have a M48 adapter to use if you don’t get it in time. I have a Canon t3i and there is also a Club T3i that is modified out at CRO.

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Not sure I’ll be at any CRO events, the rest of the year. But I certainly will make the attempts! Hope everyone has a great time out there.

Will probably need to borrow that M48 adapter. Tracking on the package says it will not be here until 11/13.

Ill be keeping an eye on the forcast, if all looks good i plan on attending

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The forecasts are excellent for Saturday right now. But this is Oklahoma, so…

I plan to get out to CRO at about 3 pm. I’ll be staying overnight there on site.

Just checked the forecasts and it the clouds should be clearing at CRO right around sunset. By 6-7 it ought to be clear. I’m going to stop at Swadley’s in El Reno at 4:30, probably leave there by 5, and get to CRO by 6. Anyone is welcome to join me at Swadley’s and if you need a guide, that’s a good place to meet.

I think there’s still construction on I-40, so you might want to consider taking US66 from El Reno to Cherokee Trading post. Though the traffic usually flows fairly well through the construction, it does slow down a lot.

The predicted temperature has dropped about 10 deg though. It now looks like it will be about 55F at sunset and gradually drop to the mid 40s at midnight. So dress very warmly! And bring a blanket or two if you’re going to sit out to try to catch some of the Taurid meteors!

I will try and get there an hour before sunset. Will open up the dome so we can use the 30" telescope.

Geomagnetic storm headed our way for Saturday, November 11. Check out this story.

This will be my first time visiting CRO, so I have a question. Do any of the pads have power, or do I need to bring my own battery?

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We have power on several pads and all pads can have power with a 25’ extension cord. We have cords available at CRO if you need to use one.

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I won’t be able to make it tonight (shocker, I know), but I was just out running and it’s beautiful outside. Good luck tonight!

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I’ll be out there between 3-4 pm, I’m starting to load up now.

I will try to stop by swadleys to get some food

Headed out there now. Should be there a little after 4

CRO is open and it’s clear to the west.

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Turned out to be a crystal clear night with light winds. We had a few “technical difficulties” with the Arthurton Dome, but we got it fixed, and visual observing is still happening on the 30". The C14 is up and running, the second pier is being used, Mike M is running his EAA scopes, and everyone is having a good night. I’m adding two panels to a mosaic, all and all a good night :+1:

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NGC 253 - Sculptor Galaxy from my Seestar (51 minutes) and my Stellina (60 minutes). Taken at the same time so you can compare the images. I wanted an hour each, but the Seestar’s power reached 10% and I think it auto shuts off at 10% and I didn’t want to push it. No post-processing for either.

I started the Seestar about 7 and it lasted to midnight. So about 5 hours at about 50F. I did not start the dew heater. How much that would reduce it I don’t know.

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Quick dirty post process of m42 from CRO last night