Is there anyone that can help us?

Hello! First, it was great to meet everyone friday night! We had a blast! Secondly, we came across a new in the box celestron powerseeker 114 eq for sale pretty cheap, so we got it. We are not sure we put it together correctly though because its acting kinda wonky. Is there anyone out there that may be able to take a look at it?

Can you post a picture of it so we can see if it is put together ok. Also could you describe more about what is wonky about it? Someone might be able to look at it at the Club meeting Friday.

For sure, i will take pics when i get home from work tomorrow. But whats womky is 1. The image through the eye piece is tilted. I know the view through the finderscope is supposed to be upside down, but through the eye piece it is tilted . 2. It does not seem very stable. It keeps wanting to tip over, like the counter weight is tipping it over?

Everything looks like it is put together ok. As far as the tilted view sounds about right for that type of telescope. Also they do tend to be a bit tipsy on that type of mount. Just make sure it is balanced well. You should be able to unlock both clutches and the telescope shouldn’t move. Bring it to the meeting Friday Tom will be looking at 2 others telescopes with similar mounts.

Great, thank you for taking a look. We will bring it with us.